The Philippine Coast Guard Savings And Loan Association, Inc.


 In 1999, a group of Philippine Coast Guard Officers Admiral Padama, Capt. Roque, Lt. Dela Vega, Lt. Barrera, MCPO Repoquit and CDR Villanueva started to operate a savings operated by its predecessor, the Philippine Navy Savings Loan Association, Inc. With a meager capital of only Five Hundred Thousand Pesos, PHILIPPINE GOAST GUARD SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION, INC. (PCGSLAI) went on to operate as a financial provider of the coast guardsmen.

On October 21, 2002, PCGSLAI was granted a Certificate of Registration by the Securities and Exchange Commission and on June 30, 2003, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas gave PCGSLAI its Certificate of Authority to operate as a full-fledged savings and loan association.

PCGSLAI’s membership grew by leaps and bounds. From 981 regular and associate members in 2002, it registered a total of 5,370 members as of 15 April 2009. Likewise, its total assets registered unprecedented growth from P71.4 million in 2003 to P329.1 million as of December 2008.

In 2006. A new set of members of the Board of Trustees led by Mr. TQM (Total Quality Management ). ADM Danilo A. Abinoja PCG (Ret.), as Chairman at the BOT, was elected for a two year term. It was during this period when the TQM style of management was introduced. The operations of the SLAI was professionalized, members of the Management group were positioned in accordance with their respective expertise, Employees were not only motivated financially but were also provided with a conducive working environment.

In October 2007, the newly constructed PCGSLAI building was inaugurated to provide bigger and better office premises to employees and efficient services to members. The PCGSLAI acquired a brand-new vehicle to better service its costumers in going to and from CG Based Farola Compound, the SLAI’s new home base.

Year 2007 was considered the SLAI’s banner year. It was during this period that interest rate on Receivable Loans account was downgraded from a high of 12% p.a. to only 10.0% p. a. this was further reduced to only 9.0% p.a. starting 05 March 2009 which benefited majority of its regular members. This reduction in interest rate, however, did not stop the Board from declaring the same rate of dividend (21.0%) in 2007. The SLAI’s total asset of 311.8 million in 2007 was 51.7% of total assets which clearly indicated that majority of the SLAI’s resources were placed in income generating activities. Likewise, its net income of P41.5 million in 2007 was 40.0% higher than the previous year.


Since the SLAI’s inception until 2008, PCGSLAI has paid a total of P146.3 million dividends to its general membership! The present members of the SLAI’s BOT and Management Team are fully committed to provide the same benefits to all its members. With the full support of its general membership and total dedication,, anchored on good governance, of the members of the BOT, officers and employees, this commitment can be easily fulfilled!

As we schedule 15 May 2009 as the inaugural date for the SLAI’s newly-constructed extension building, we, at PCGSLAI, took forward to better and fruitful years ahead of us! PCGSLAI’s vision is to be one of the Premier savings and loan service providers in the Philippines always and ever the Financial Lifetime for all Coastguardsmen.

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