Deposit account where the Capital Contribution or member’s share in the capital of the Association is maintained.


 MANDATORY REQUIREMENT for all members and prospective members


 Minimum / Initial Deposit - PhP 1,000.00

 Deposit Limits (Determined by the Board of Trustees)

     • Maximum deposit per month

         → Maximum deposit per member (Regular) – PhP 3,000.00

         → Maximum deposit per member (Associate) – PhP 2,000.00

    • Maximum aggregate deposit per family group (Regular & Associate) –       PhP 17.0M

 Withdrawal Limits

Capcon Buffer – amount that can be withdrawn anytime

CapCon Balances should not go below the following:

    • Minimum Deposit – P1,000.00

    • Fixed CapCon – equivalent to the highest balance from opening of the account divided by eleven.

    • Held out amount for back to back loans

 Dividend

    • declared annually upon approval by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)

    • computed based from the lowest balance of the quarter at 18% or at a rate prescribed by the Board.

    • posted to the member’s DSD Account

 Advance Payment for Share in Future Income (APSFI) or Advance Dividend

    • A cash advance over the dividend given as a financial assistance to members who have applied and released in July every here to download APSFI Form

    • Amount shallbe computed based from the CapCon Balance of the member multiplied by a rate to be determined by the Board of Trustees.

    • Proceeds shall be credited to the member’s SDA account.

    • Amount of APSFI shall be deducted from the dividend of the member



 LBP SERVICE CHARGE – to be charged for withdrawal that are deposited to the member’s LBP ATM Account. Paid directly to Landbank and shall be deducted from the total deposits.

 Members shall be issued a PASSBOOK as a proof of their deposits and to record all transactions or movement in theirCapCon Account.

 WITHDRAWAL OF APSFI proceeds shall be done using the SDA Withdrawal Slip

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