Our financial consumers are our members who are the owners of the Association and are entitled to equal protection and assistance in the transaction of business with PGSLAI. It becomes therefore a primary concern of the Board of Trustees, Senior Management and Employees of the PCGLAI to make sure that the following are properly implemented:

    1. Disclosure and Transparency

    PCGSLAI ensures that the members have reasonable holistic understanding of the products and services which they may be acquiring or availing. Full disclosure and utmost transparency, to extent allowed by laws, rules and regulations are the critical elements that empower the member to make comparisons and informed financial decisions. All information, therefore, whether in advertising materials or in terms and conditions areclear, concise, accurate, understandable and not misleading.

    2. Protection of Client Information

    Members of the PCGSLAI have the right to expect that their financial transactions as well as relevant personal information disclosed in the course of a transaction, are kept confidential and secured pursuant to RA 10173 also known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012 and in accordance with paragraph 7 of the PCGSLAI Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) No. 3 series of 2018 and the applicable provisions of the PCGSLAI Information Technology Risk Management on Information Security Manual with regards to the gathering, processing, use, distribution, storage and eventual disposal of records and information to include the identification and of levels of permissible access for employees.

    3. Fair Treatment

    PCGSLAI ensures that financial consumers are treated fairly, honestly and professionally at all stages of their transactions with the Association. Mechanism has been adopted to safeguard the interest of the consumers which include rules regarding ethical staff behavior, fair and equitable terms and conditions, availability of products and services appropriate to the capacity and risk appetite of the consumers.

    4. Effective Recourse

    In addition to the Consumer Assistance and Complaint Desk located at the PCGSLAI office, our financial consumers can communicate their inquiries, request for assistance or file their complaint through the PCGSLAI email address Qualified staff is designated to receive, record, evaluate, resolve, monitor and report consumer complaints, concerns and inquiries or request to concerned department for immediate and appropriate action.

    5. Financial Education and Awareness

    Information drive for PCGSLAI members being conducted by the Marketing Team in the different units of the PCG includes financial education that provide basic information on the consumer’s and the Association’s rights and benefits, digital literacy for electronic transactions and other areas like frugality, investment and industry.