 PCGSLAI shall only grant loans with maturities not extending beyond the timeframe provided bySection 7 of RA 8367.

    a. 6 months / 10 months

    b. Twelve (12) months

    c. Twenty-Four (24) months

    d. Thirty-Six (36) months

    e. Forty-Eight (48) months

    f. Sixty (60) months
 The 60 months term shall be available to all types of loans except Appliance loan, which will retain the maximum term of 36 months, Back to Back Loan and Emergency loan, will remain with 12 months only and all promo loans.

 In case of buy-out, an Emergency Loan maybe granted with a term of 60 months provided that at the time of application, the borrower has already availed all types of loan available.

 Pensioners below 60 years old can be granted loan terms of up to Sixty months (60) months.

 Loans granted to Trustees and Officers shall be payable within the term of their service; while loans granted to PCGSLAI employees shall carry a maximum term of Sixty (60) months.