 PCGSLAI shall only grant loans with maturities not extending beyond the timeframe provided bySection 7 of RA 8367.

    a. 6 months / 10 months

    b. Twelve (12) months

    c. Twenty-Four (24) months

    d. Thirty-Six (36) months

    e. Forty-Eight (48) months

     In case of buy-out, an Emergency Loan maybe granted with a term of 60 months provided that at the time of application, the borrower has already availed all types of loan available.

     Pensioners below 60 years old can be granted loan terms of up to Sixty months (60) months.

     Loans granted to Trustees and Officers shall be payable within the term of their service; while loans granted to PCGSLAI employees shall carry a maximum term of Sixty (60) months.