• Over-the-Counter Transactions, either in person or by an authorized representative. click here to download Deposit Slip

    • Remittance via the Coast Guard Finance Center. A signed Payroll Deduction Request (PDR) Form must be submitted to the PCGSLAI. 
    click here to download PDR form

    • Direct Deposit via PCGSLAI’s Landbank Savings Account No.0281-0997-01. Deposits made using this facility shall not be automatically credited to the Member’s Deposit Account unless a Notice and a proof of deposit are duly acknowledged by the PCGSLAI. Date of Transaction shall be on the date the validated deposit slip is received by the Association. Notice and Proof of deposit may be sent via email to

    • Landbank Fund Transfer thru iAccess – Notice and a proof of deposit (Transaction Receipt and copy of ATM Card- front only) duly acknowledged by the PCGSLAI.

    • Landbank ePayment portal – click here to go to Landbank Link.Biz.Portal