 OVER-THE-COUNTER – personal or through an Authorized Representative. “Authority to Withdraw” portion of the Withdrawal Slip should be signed by both the depositor and the Authorized Representative.

    Please click applicable Withdrawal Slips below:

        • Capital Contribution / Special Savings Deposit Account
          Click here to download Withdrawal Slip

        • Dividend Savings Deposit Account
    Click here to download DSD Withdrawal Slip

        • Special Disbursement Account (for PCGSLAI Time Deposit, APFSI, Overpayment)
          Click here to download SDA Withdrawal Slip

     DEPOSIT TO MEMBER’S LANDBANK ACCOUNT – electronically transmit the member’s signed Withdrawal SLIP, copy of valid IDs and Landbank ATM Account to
     LBP SERVICE CHARGE- to be charged for withdrawal that are deposited to the member’s LBP ATM Account. Paid directly to Landbank and shall be deducted from the total deposits.